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Houston WIFI – Wireless Internet Provider

From a small local Wi-Fi connection to shared internet access within an office space, to multi-city, globe-spanning infrastructure, Voice Runner can help you save money on internet access and make it easier to operate remotely. Wi-Fi internet access has become a worldwide medium for businesses and municipalities of all sizes. Although it may not be as fast as traditional connections, properly configured Wi-Fi networks can serve your business well, create redundancies and help provide technologically advances services, features and functionalities for government entities such as towns, cities and municipalities.

Our Wireless Mesh Wi-fi networks enable these municipalities to utilize our network for SmartGrid, SmartCities, SmartMeters, Public Safety, Parking Meter, Traffic Management, Mining and other multiple applications.  Voice Runner is one of the the premier Wi-fi manufacturers’ exclusive distributor/providers throughout Texas.

Voice Runner provides a variety of Point to Point Wireless and Voice over Wi-Fi services. Wireless airband connections and common wireless internet connections offer freedom from physical connections and provides true flexibility. The ability to carry on voice and even video conferences over a Wi-Fi network can also save money on carrier fees and provide the ability to share data and presentation media all at once.

For your mobile workforce, Voice Runner also provides large area Wi-fi. City Wi-fi connections and large area WISP access allows you to access secure, high-speed connections in major metropolitan areas. Our WISP network is available all over the United States and also in many international locations. Voice Runner can make sure your workforce is connected anywhere they go without relying on unreliable and possibly unsecured free wireless Wi-fi.

Voice Runner has the experience to provide the services you need. Contact us to schedule a consultation and to find out how we can help you.