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Houston Local Phone Service – VoIP for Businesses

Voice over IP technology is the ability to package your data and telephone needs into a single hosted service. You may wonder what the advantages VoIP offers over a traditional phone system. Well, there are many excellent reasons to consider switching over to a data and voice package.

One of the biggest reasons to consider switching is the cost. Studies show that you can save up to 40% on local calls and over 90% on long distance calls. This could result in thousands of dollars in savings for large companies who make lots of calls and the quality is often better than traditional phone lines. This is a mature technology that has been proven to be reliable. You also do not pay for bandwidth you are not using.

This type of system also provides a lot more options than traditional phone lines. For example, you can make a lot more calls on a single connection than with a normal phone line. Voice conferencing for multiple parties in multiple locations is also handled seamlessly.

Additionally, VoIP gives users flexibility on what kind of device they use for calls. You can also send faxes, e-fax, emails and send and receive files over this type of network.