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Houston Local Phone Service – VoIP for Businesses

Interoffice integrated voice/data SIP trunks configurations are the key to saving money and keeping your office streamlined and connected. This is an obvious need of any business that has more than a few employees. Simplifying the deployment and maintenance of your local phone network is one of Voice Runner’s specialties. There are numerous advantages to replacing traditional analog phone service with a private branch exchange for internal office communication. Take a look at just a few of the excellent benefits of Voice Runner handling your telecommunication needs.

With our cutting edge systems, your existing data network can be leveraged to connect multiple office locations with an internal phone network. This does not mean you cannot connect to the outside world. In conjunction with our voice offerings, Voice Runner can set you up with our  powerful T1/Fiber connections that takes advantage of PRI’s high speed voice and data bandwidth.

Managing voice  and data systems does not have to be a time consuming and confusion prone process. Voice Runner can handle all the details of configuring, installing and troubleshooting your high speed network connection. Not only will you have access to the fastest speeds imaginable online, but you will save money on the costs of setting up multiple phone lines. Conferencing and long distance calls are all included without sacrificing any quality. Find out today just what an integrated voice and data connection can do for your bottom line.