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Local Phone Services – Voice Products for Houston

Although we do provide a significant portion of service within the major metropolitan areas, our focus is within niche, under-served markets that are traditionally serviced by the local monopoly. Too many times, customers who are moving into these markets are surprised to find that at the last moment, they cannot bring the phone numbers they have had for the last 20+ years with them into these markets. Additionally, many businesses are surprised to find that in these markets their phone & internet bill have doubled or tripled with the local monopoly! Voice Runner helps to provide that significant savings & superior service in these markets. Whether you are looking for a more personal provider, one who picks up the phone and helps, or a phone company that can help with your needs to scale or Consolidate your multi-site locations into one invoice, we are the company for you.

Types of Customers:

  • From the 4 line office to the 4,000 line office, Voice Runner provides a full suite of services to all small, medium and large enterprise businesses.
  • We provide phone and internet services throughout all of the United States.