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Houston Internet Provider – Broadband & Data Services

The internet service provider experience you provide for your customers is only as good as the quality of the underlying network. Is the network fast and reliable? Can it scale with your traffic growth? Can it handle the bandwidth-intensive content demanded by users? Is the voice quality so high that it cannot be distinguished from traditional technologies?

Voice Runner’s Houston High Speed IP service is a wholesale ISP internet access product designed to meet the needs of the largest consumers of internet bandwidth. Our High Speed IP (HSIP) service provides our customers with access to one of the largest and most connected Tier 1 IP Backbones across North America, Asia, and Europe. The service includes a complete range of port interface speeds, standard service level agreements, online performance reports, and service management capabilities. By combining our ability to scale, our extensive network reach and the reliability of our fault tolerant network, our local provider customers receive a premium IP service on a network backbone that consistently achieves greater than five 9’s of availability.

As a Tier-1 provider, Voice Runner has the international network foundation to support successful Internet business worldwide.

  • A scalable network large enough to accommodate your current and future traffic.
  • An IP service that performs at industry-leading levels.
  • A robust on-net community of the most popular destinations.
  • A company that continues to invest in our network.

We provide phone and internet services throughout all of the United States.