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Houston Communication – Real Estate & Insurance Agenies – Multiple Site Solutions

Real estate companies and insurance agencies are data-driven industries that have to stay current, secure and fast. How does Voice Runner make this seamless and possible? Regardless of whether you are upgrading an existing office or starting a new one, Voice Runner has ready-made business communication integration plans for these industries that will get you up and running in no time.

The insurance and real estate markets are more competitive than ever. Oddly, many established agencies still use ten year old software on outdated computer equipment. If this is the case with your company, you may be at risk for attacks from hackers, viruses or hardware failure. However, there are even better reasons to consider business communication solutions that will give your company greater mobility, faster response times, and more secure data.

Voice Runner can setup your company with data and voice packages that take all your companies communication needs and fulfill them with one simple setup. Taking advantage of cloud services will help keep your data backed up, shareable and up to date. Cloud computing decentralizes your company and allows sales people to do anything they could do sitting at their desk from their smart phone. Email and other files are available anywhere for collaboration or updates. You may wonder how you ever survived without Voice Runner!