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Houston Communication Solutions – Master Planned & Retirement Communities

Voice Runner provides service for retirement communities, assisted living communities, critical care, skilling nursing and rehabilitation, Alzheimer’s and long-term care facilities.  These  communities have a unique set of data and communication requirements. Medical information as well as lots of record keeping complicates the standard technology needs of a business. For this reason, Voice Runner has master planned a perfect business communication integration set up for any retirement complex.

Our voice and data solutions are HIPAA compliant.  We provide unique solutions to the retirement community, such as unlimited local and long distance for your residents.  No longer do they have to worry about being overcharged for long distance on their fixed budget.  Voice Runner works closely with the facility director and your director of admissions to provide master facility services. By providing voice and data services to the entire community, we ensure two things: (1.) we create immediate savings to you and your residents and (2.) we create the opportunity for the community to generate a new revenue stream for your business, while also create savings for the resident in a worry-free environment.

Business communication solutions work best when everything has been designed and configured to work together. Many companies waste tons of man hours and even hire permanent full time employees whose job is simply to make sure their phones, fax, data lines and other software all work properly. This traditional style of IT setup is not necessary and can even box you into designs that limit what technology can do.

Cloud services are also essential for growing businesses. Retirement communities  are large and often distributed. Having a bit of mobility might be a luxury you are not used to. However, with a cloud configuration, you can take advantage of increased mobility, security, disaster recovery and redundancy without paying more than you do for traditional infrastructure.

Whether you are starting a new retirement community or ready to upgrade your existing systems, you owe it to yourself and your employees to see just what Voice Runner can do for your community’s flexibility, reliability and workflow.