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Houston Competitive Local Exchange Carrier – Number Portability

Moving your business can be a complicated and disruptive task. Whether you are relocating or want to create a dynamic portable infrastructure, Voice Runner can provide phone number portability, site migration and other important services that give your Houston based business a movable and scalable system.

Today’s successful businesses are less and less tied to a physical location. Business markets are constantly changing and growing. Infrastructure may seem like a trivial concern when it comes to growth, but many businesses have found that the costs of telecommunications and data connections can erode profits and hinder effective workflow. Do not let the cost of supporting your offices and sales people destroy all hopes of financial success.

By utilizing a competitive local exchange carrier, or CLEC, your company has the ability to add or remove lines as needed in different regions and metropolitan areas. This means you will not be paying for long distance calls or being stuck with large, monopolistic providers. If the time has come to relocate to a bigger office or a different area, Voice Runner can help with data line moving and porting (LNP) your existing voice and data infrastructure to the new site. Voice Runner has proven itself as a powerful ally to fast-growing companies who need to keep up with their own success.