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Houston Business Communications Solutions – Hospital & Medical Facilities

Hospital and medical facility voice and data/broadband service requirements are very high. Any medical facility needs to be in constant communication with partner offices and off-site locations, while ensuring HIPAA compliance. Additionally, data must be accurate, secure and available at a moment’s notice. Anything less could put a patients wellbeing at risk! Medical facilities can benefit from consolidating all their needs into a single company such as Voice Runner. For example, many medical firms have numerous locations in various cities. Not only do you end up paying more by using a local carrier in each location in voice, data and hidden backoffice costs, but you will also be paying for sharing data across traditional networks on a regular basis.

With Voice Runner, your data and voice needs can be consolidated into a single service. You only have to deal with one company for maintenance and payments and you will have the reliability of a company that knows the medical industry and has the right software and infrastructure solutions already designed.

By also using Voice Runner’s cloud services, your business can share its data in a secure and safe way. Instead of sending information back and forth via internet connections or even via hard copy, powerful cloud servers store all your data which can be accessed from any place at any time. All of this comes without sacrificing security or paying huge fess. Voice Runner might be just what the doctor ordered.