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Dedicated Servers – Houston Business Solutions

Although cloud services and virtual servers have become the popular and affordable standard for growing sites, dedicated servers are still the fastest and most efficient way of handling large amounts of your data  traffic. Voice Runner can help you take advantage of our Tier 1, 2 and 3 colocation facilities , which allow you to rent out servers and hardware from third party locations. What are the advantages of this?

Traditional business solutions required on-site hardware. This meant caring for security, cooling systems, disaster recovery systems, and maintaining a highly trained staff. The costs of such services could sometimes be as much as, or even more than the hardware itself. Additionally, there is a danger of having all your data stored, on-site in one place.

Voice Runner  takes care of these incidental costs by providing multiple location solutions that are secure. Instead of overworking your in-house IT staff with hardware maintenance issues, your servers will be properly cared for by dedicated professionals. This includes firmware upgrades, troubleshooting and disaster recovery.

Various levels of service and facilities are available. If you have the proper expertise, you simply rent servers which you can configure and use as you wish. For those on a budget or with less in-house IT experience, fully managed servers are available. Do not let the hardware aspect of your business  bog you down, leave it to hosting professionals to care of  your systems.