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Houston Cloud Based Services – Business Solutions

Cloud computing has many commercial applications which can streamline business operations and save both time and money on IT hardware and personnel resources. Colocation allows your company to outsource its entire IT infrastructure to a secure, third-party site. This unique shift in infrastructure setup frees you from being locked down to a physical location. Let’s look at some of the amazing ways our  virtual servers and cloud computing can revolutionize the way you do business.

Various predefined small business solutions exist to quickly set your company up with cloud services. These programs allow you to access software, email, collaboration tools, and other common tasks via thin clients such as a web browser. These services are available anywhere an internet connection is available, allowing your employees to work from home, access a WISP or anywhere else they might need to access their documents or email. Many of these services can be set up on your existing hardware and network with only a few small configuration changes.

Large business solutions include dedicated servers for website hosting and optimized website design, HIPAA compliance, redundancy and secured content and data solutions. For websites with large amounts of regular traffic, a dedicated server configuration allows you to handle massive amounts of traffic without missing a beat.  Consolidate multiple routers and servers at multiple locations into one centralized, secure cloud network, which saves you money, generates bandwidth efficiencies and secures your data and your network.  You can also take advantage of VoIP and visp technology to handle your voice and telephone needs seamlessly and without paying several outside companies.

Find out if colocation and cloud services are the right choice for your business needs. Call Voice Runner to schedule a consultation and find out how we can help your business now and as it grows.