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Understanding the Need For Specialized Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions, Internet Solutions, Networks 15.12.2015 Comments Off

Sometimes when we think in broad terms, it’s easy to think that there is one solution to fit all potential problems. But when it comes to specific industries and the voice, data, and broadband services they require, it’s extremely important to recognize that sometimes, it’s better to think on a smaller scale. Certain industries require…

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Is Fiber-Optic Internet Service Right For Your Business?

Fiber Optics, Internet Solutions 2.12.2015 Comments Off

Fiber-optic seems like the latest in telecommunications but it’s not! It was first developed in the 1970s by Corning Glass Works! Although it’s still spreading across to many cities nationwide, but Houston or The Woodlands residents don’t have to wait! Fiber optic internet is available through Voice Runner. So, what is fiber-optic? Fiber-optic communication is…

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Why you Should Choose a Local Internet Provider

Uncategorized 4.11.2015 Comments Off

When you shop for internet service providers (ISP) for your home or business you might only know big name companies. These companies lure you in with 3-in-1 packages that you think are the better deal and who can resist that? But the quality of your internet might not be the better deal. If you think…

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Welcome to the Voice Runner Blog

Welcome to our blog. We will be posting news and company information in the future.

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