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WOW! What would I have done without Voice Runner?

Two weeks ago, I walked into our medical practice only to find that our old phone carrier (not Voice Runner) went out of business without so much as giving our business any notice! So, our entire medical practice was without phone lines and we were stuck in a major way. The old, defunct carrier wouldn’t even release my numbers to Voice Runner so that I could use my own numbers. We were down for well over a week – ouch!

Since we use Voice Runner for our internet, I called them and thank goodness I did! In an emergency, the team there pulled out all of the stops to do whatever they could in their power to get us up and running! Voice Runner provided me with temporary phone numbers, forwarded office calls to our cell phones and provided emergency numbers for our disconnected 800 number to connect to! Voice Runner also called former colleagues at some major carriers and made some miracles happen! They pulled one of their engineers off of a project and spent a numbers of days on the phone talking with my phone vendor and other carriers to get our practice back in business! Now, we’re up and running and taking care of patients, instead of taking care of nightmares! Thanks Voice Runner. Without your help, I don’t know where our business would be today.

- Podiatrist

“Finally there is an option to telephone service; no longer am I subject to the monopolistic dictatorship of “The Telephone Company.” I have been a commercial Voice Runner customer now for just over 4 years, and I am more than satisfied with their service. And I am saving money at the same time. Their VOIP system is indistinguishable from traditional hard wire communications, except when the monthly bill arrives. After all, in this day and age, what is “Long Distance.” Why should I pay extra to call someone 50 miles away? With Voice Runner, long distance is included in the plan, and now I can view all calls as “local.” Also, Voice Runner offers expertise to ensure the best and most reliable service. While I experienced some “growing pains” with Voice Runner at the beginning, they worked diligently to bring my service to a level where I now experience no telephone or data transmission problems whatsoever. They have installed state-of-the-art equipment with backup to minimize their customers’ down time. I wholeheartedly recommend Voice Runner to meet any business telecommunications needs.

Owner –  Steve B., CEO of major wholesale & retailing athletic apparel/equipment company

“When Hurricane Ike devastated our hotel, Voice Runner was there to do on-the-spot emergency routing of our calls to ensure that our business was still running, even though our hotel was not. We were able to re-route calls to our other hotel properties and book those who had been displaced by the hurricane. Our other hotels remained 100% full, in part, thanks to Voice Runner’s prompt response to help us ensure we still received our phone calls, even though all of the lines in Galveston were gone!”

Owner –  Marriott Hotels

“Voice Runner – In thinking about writing a testimony for Voice Runner, I think of the progression level they have make in my estimation. The folks at VR started as sales people and moved quickly to consultants. Then they became a consultant for my telecommunication issues. Soon I saw them as my advisor. Over the years they have become a strategic & trusted advisor. I anticipate that they will reach the highest level for me as a “Trusted Advisor and Resource” to my agency. They have given me their honesty and respect. They have shown vulnerability as they have cared for me and my agency. They have given their help and experience with passion.”

Owner  –  Thomas B Polvogt, CLU, CHFC, CIC, RHU
Thom Polvogt Agency Group
(281) 395 9400

Level 3 and Voice Runner have enjoyed a longstanding relationship for nearly a decade. Voice Runner offers its customers exceptional service solutions, providing some services that even the large carriers don’t offer. With unique voice and data solutions for urban and rural clients, regional, multi-state MPLS networks and carrier-grade wireless networks for business, schools, and municipalities, Voice Runner has proven itself  as an industry innovator and a trusted service partner. It has been an honor to work with them to ensure that critical voice and data services are delivered to a broad range of enterprise customers.

Jeff Tench, President of Business Markets for Level 3 Communications

Voice Runner’s expertise in voice and data systems has enabled us to provide our residents with significant enhancements to their telephone services and the new WIFI that Voice Runner installed has placed our community on the cutting edge of communication technologies. As we considered present and future trends within senior services we recognized the necessity of positioning University Place to take full advantage of these new technologies and Voice Runner has been a strong and reliable partner with us as we continue to move forward.

C.O.O., Memorial Hermann Hospital System Retirement Community.

Our practice sees well over 100 patients daily. With this volume of daily patients, we are inundated with phone calls from the minute our practice opens until the minute we close. Our phones and internet are our life line for booking appointment, working with insurance companies and ensuring that prescriptions are dictated to pharmacists and accurately filled. Because we send large, bandwidth intensive private files, we must have a secure and robust broadband connection.

When looking for an alternative to the local monopoly, we were excited to find Voice Runner and their experienced team to handle our needs as we moved into our new expanded location. We wanted a company that could help handle the voice/data needs of our growing practice. Thanks to Voice Runner, we were able to significantly increase our internet access, add additional phone lines and unlimited long distance while still providing savings over our existing bill from our old provider!

As with any new implementation these are adjustments that always need to be made along the way. I’m impressed with Voice Runner’s service and responsiveness issues we had. We’ve been with Voice Runner to you and your dedicated team who are willing to help at any time and any day of the week!

Dr. L – Large Local Pediatrician Practice