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Voice Runner – Sugar Land & Katy

CLEC & Cloud Provider

The People:

Late 2002, the Voice Runner founders and investors were searching for something better, providing a better product, improved service and reliable technology compared to what currently existed. The sole reason was to facilitate and foster better communications and better service at better prices for small, medium and large businesses. After the implosion of the dot-com hype in 2001, the founders were fed up with working within the senior management bureaucratic ranks of Fortune 100 companies. They were tired of how both customers and employees-alike were treated, merely as numbers, hassles and problems. In 2003, Voice Runner was founded with its first voice customer.

The Problem:

When founding Voice Runner, the management realized that there were two specific problems within the phone and internet world in the greater Houston area: (1.) No choice for business customers in monopolistic markets and (2.) The existing landscape of providers, who as local monopolies treated their customers like problems. In 2003, Voice Runner set about to massively change this telecommunications landscape and provide service to underserved markets. For the past 100 years, businesses and residences in monopoly markets have never had any choice for their phone service provider needs. They simply were forced to choose the one and only (and most times, very expensive) local phone service provider monopoly.

For the past 8+ years, Voice Runner has figured out the solution to become the alternative local exchange carrier (LEC) choice for businesses phone service and internet needs in these under-served markets. We provide better prices with better service and are much more flexible and willing to adapt than our much larger, corporate, publicly traded competition. We proudly view ourselves as the David vs. the Goliath, with the mission that without you the customer, our incredible remote area provider voip and visp technology and services means nothing.

The Solution:

Prior to establishing Voice Runner, the company’s senior management was responsible for developing the technology, systems and features that comprise today’s modern day voice and data services. Our management and Board were responsible for creating the first IP Based voice switch for a publicly traded company, where we took an idea on the back of a napkin and within a few years it ┬áturned it into a $500+ million business to make and receive calls around the world over privately managed networks. Prior to Voice Runner, our management was responsible for building out the private fiber networks throughout the United States and around the globe to create one of the largest, most stable commercial-grade networks in the world for VoIP, VISP, internet and much more. Our management was also responsible for providing some of the market’s first content rich applications such as streaming audio, streaming video and video conferencing applications for businesses and enterprises such as Microsoft, Sony, Fox Sports, major movie studios and Fortune 100 enterprises globally.

What this means to you!

Why us? We use this vast experience, access to talent, products and service development as the foundation for what makes Voice Runner such a unique local (CLEC) and wisp phone company for Houston and surrounding areas. This translates into you, the customer, working with time-tested voice and data services, working with a flexible and solutions-oriented company, while working with vetted management who do more than make simple promises on a website.