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Industry Solutions, Internet Solutions, Networks 15.12.2015 Comments Off

Sometimes when we think in broad terms, it’s easy to think that there is one solution to fit all potential problems. But when it comes to specific industries and the voice, data, and broadband services they require, it’s extremely important to recognize that sometimes, it’s better to think on a smaller scale. Certain industries require an individualized way of thinking, especially when a big part of how they operate is dependent on the speed of their voice, data, and broadband services.  Because of this, we offer business communications services to Houston, the Woodlands, Sugar Land, and Katy. Some specific examples of industries that need a specialized solution are hospitals and medical facilities, retirement communities, real estate and insurance agencies, and multi-site locations.

            Here are the reasons why each of these sites operates more functionally and more effectively when treated on an individual level:

  • Hospitals and medical facilities are constantly busy. Communication and contact is never-ending, and the possibility of any sort of lapse in strength in connection could be disastrous. As an industry that is dedicated to the wellbeing of patients, there is not margin for error. That is while we offer a consolidated single service solution to take the stress off of connection and place it where it matters.
  • As another industry that works to take care of others, retirement communities are also in need of specialized industry solutions. With Voice Runner, we offer voice and data solutions that are HIPAA compliant. This allows for a huge marginal savings to be made to both the facility director and the residents of the community.
  • Real estate and insurance agencies rely very heavily on the influx of data they receive on a day-to-day basis. With a need to constantly be putting out information as well, Voice Runner has created a personalize solution of communication integration plans that allow for a shorter time period between opening a new office or upgrading an existing one, and getting your data service up and running.
  • Finally, multi-site locations are businesses that are constantly growing. With new locations continually popping up, and often being separated by a relatively large distance, inter-office communication is vital to insure business stability. Our personalized solutions work to crate a secure and reliable connection between branches, allowing peace of mind in knowing that your privacy is insured.

If you are involved in any of these businesses and would like to talk to us about getting involved with our industry solutions, please contact us.

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