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Fiber Optics, Internet Solutions 2.12.2015 Comments Off


Fiber-optic seems like the latest in telecommunications but it’s not! It was first developed in the 1970s by Corning Glass Works! Although it’s still spreading across to many cities nationwide, but Houston or The Woodlands residents don’t have to wait! Fiber optic internet is available through Voice Runner.

So, what is fiber-optic? Fiber-optic communication is transmitting information by sending pulses of light through an optical fiber and it’s used not just for internet but also telephone signals and cable television signals. Fiber-optic internet is ideal for business environments.
The benefits or fiber-optic internet:
  • Speed: The speed of fiber optic internet can’t compare to broadband internet, it has a standardized performance of 10Gbps.
  • No electromagnetic interference: Remember that fiber optic technology works by sending pulses of light therefore it’s unlikely to receive interference from nearby power lines.
  • Symmetrical connection: Download and upload speeds are the same unlike broadband cable.
  • Security: Fiber optic technology is difficult to tap so your data is safe and if it is tapped it’s easy to locate because the cable leaks light and your entire system would be done. You would know if someone messes with your fiber system.
  • Reliability: Broadband internet service is considered to be somewhat reliable but it can cause outages and interruptions which isn’t beneficial for any The Woodlands business. Fiber-optic internet on the other hand is more reliable, it is less likely to be interrupted during power outages
If your business relies on internet connectivity due to VoIP or SIP, then consider getting fiber-optic internet. Cost is no longer a concern because it is increasing in demand and the cost is going down.

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