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When you shop for internet service providers (ISP) for your home or business you might only know big name companies. These companies lure you in with 3-in-1 packages that you think are the better deal and who can resist that? But the quality of your internet might not be the better deal. If you think only 3 ISPs exist in Houston, Katy, The Woodlands, or Sugar Land, you’re mistaken! Not many people will do the research, they might just ask their neighbors what they have or call the ISP directly to see if it’s available in their area. If you have the option, choose a local ISP. Here are 3 reasons why:
More options
You aren’t limited to just DSL and broadband internet. While these are the most popular, there’s another option that is increasing in popularity. Fiber optic. Why wait for Google Fiber or Verizon FioS when fiber is already available in Katy or Sugar Land?
Less restrictions
With large ISPs you generally have harsh usage restrictions. Noticeable when streaming, like Netflix. Most ISPs are very Netflix and Hulu unfriendly, you’ll be watching in HD for a while then without notice the video starts buffering playing in the lowest quality. This usually happens when you’ve reached the cap for your household. You can find unlimited transfers at a possibly better price with smaller and locally operated ISPs.
Better customer service
Let’s face it when a paying customer is unhappy with a service a company should make it right; this is a problem with big name companies, they lose sight of their customers. With a small local company you can get the best customer services possible because customers are the number one priority.
Quality services doesn’t have to come at the price of poor support. Plus, Voice Runner has teamed up with World Cinema and we also offer triple play bundles with Voice, Internet, and TV!

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